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About Us

As a student in the Computer Science department, you will learn how to design algorithms, utilize them in software using the most popular programming languages, and how computer science solutions are used in various applicational arias. You will have a great experience, which includes lectures on theoretical foundations, spending time in the computer labs under supervision and guidance of faculty, and hands-on learning through software design projects, which culminates in a senior capstone design. You will be able to choose applicational topics that are especially interesting for you from a variety of elective courses offered by the department. You will also be able to work on a research project in one of the cutting-edge computing areas under the guidance of faculty.

Our expert faculty are highly committed to their roles as educators and researches. They are widely published and active in professional associations such as the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). They advocate for their students and help them gain practical experience. As a computer science major, you will be encouraged to participate in programming contests such as the ACM International Collegiate programming contest and the Google Summer of Code.

We also offer several summer research programs on campus where you will have the opportunity to work with a faculty member, attend conferences and publish your findings.

Our Programs

The Computer Science Department is unique in that it prepares students for work in basically any computer-related fields in a variety of industries with the flexibility of pursuing a foundation in the science or arts. We also provide the opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary minor. The Computer Science Department offers:


5-Year Programs

  • Computer science - B.S./M.S.
    All students who got their bachelor’s degree in computer science from Manhattan College can and are encouraged to stay for yet another year in the school and get a master’s degree in computer science. While a graduate program consists of 30 credits, those who got their bachelor degrees in computer science from Manhattan College need to take only 24 credits, that is 8 courses, because they can use 6 credits from their bachelor's degree towards their master’s degree.


A minor in computer science is also available.