1. Arafat Abu Mallouh

    Arafat Abu Mallouh

    Assistant ProfessorComputer Science718-862-7761RLC 204
  2. Alexander Adesman

    Alexander Adesman

    Visiting Assistant ProfessorComputer Science718-862-7253RLC 101
  3. Ankur Agrawal

    Ankur Agrawal

    ProfessorComputer Science718-862-7733RLC 203C
  4. Igor Aizenberg

    Igor Aizenberg

    ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of Computer Science, Graduate Director of Computer Science- GraduateComputer Science718-862-7425RLC 203B
  5. Kashifuddin Qazi

    Kashifuddin Qazi

    Associate ProfessorComputer Science718-862-8025RLC 203D
  6. Miaomiao Zhang

    Miaomiao Zhang

    Assistant ProfessorComputer Science718-862-3840RLC 203C


  1. Javier Leon

    Javier Leon

    AdjunctComputer Science
  2. Maria Litvin

    Maria Litvin

    AdjunctComputer Science718-862-7253RLC 101
  3. Ivan Perez

    Ivan Perez

    AdjunctComputer Science
  4. Tina Tian

    Tina Tian

    AdjunctComputer Science718-862-7765RLC 203A

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