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About Us

As a student in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department, you will have a personalized learning experience with small class sizes and dedicated faculty who are committed to teaching. The department emphasizes hands-on learning in the labs and offers all students the opportunity to do one-on-one research with a faculty member. We also have a number of research programs during the summer that give you valuable experience in creating, conducting and presenting a research project.

Our facilities include a new, state-of-the-art computing center that provides you access to the same equipment used at the world’s leading universities and corporations. And our Office of Career Pathways can help guide you so you can hit the ground running after graduation whether you plan to attend graduate school or start a career.

Meet a Biochemistry Major: Paulo Markaj

Paulo Markaj is a biochemistry major who has done research projects one-on-one with a faculty member. He hopes to go to graduate school to earn his Ph.D. and eventually work in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Programs

The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department has three distinct areas of study and allows students to choose between a core curriculum focused on either the liberal arts or sciences. The programs offered are:

Minors in chemistry, biochemistry or environmental science are also offered.

  • Meet our Faculty

    Our faculty are leaders in their fields. Find the complete list of faculty currently teaching in the Chemistry and Biochemistry department.
  • Faculty Emeriti in this Department

    The below is a complete list of living faculty members who retired from Chemistry and Biochemistry department and hold emeritus status

    • Dr. Leo Alves, Associate Professor Emeritus
    • Dr. Victor Badding, Professor Emeritus
    • Dr. Raymond Barile, Professor Emeritus
    • Dr. Joseph Capitani, Professor Emeritus
    • Dr. Richard Kirchner, Professor Emeritus
    • Dr. Gary Kolks, Associate Professor Emeritus
    • Dr. Herbert Miller, Professor Emeritus
    • Dr. Suzanne Rudnick, Professor Emeritus
    • Dr. John Wasacz, Professor Emeritus