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Research Opportunities

As a biology student, you are highly encouraged to take part in a research project during your undergraduate career. Conducting research allows you to explore topics that interest you, clarify your career goals and establish relationships with faculty members. The experience builds both hard and soft skills that are easily transferable and make you a competitive candidate for postgraduate study, research or employment.

Research goes beyond what you learn in class, and often makes a real, valued impact in the academic community and beyond. In the past, our students have co-authored peer-reviewed papers with faculty and presented their research at regional and national conferences.

  • Available Research Programs

    Elective Courses

    Research in Biology is offered as an elective course (BIOL 310, 311, 410 and 411) and enrolls up to 20 students per semester. Under the direct guidance of a faculty member, you spend 12 hours per week in laboratory research. You may also choose to work at outside institution such as:

    • Animal Health Center of the Bronx Zoo
    • Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    • Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
    • Bronx VA Medical Center

    Undergraduate Biological Science Grants

    Students often continue their research projects during the summer, supported by Manhattan's undergraduate biological sciences grants from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Merck Corporation. As a participant, you write a research paper and have the option of presenting at various undergraduate research conferences.

    School of Science Dean’s Office Summer Program

    This is a summer program that gives outstanding School of Science students the opportunity to conduct hands-on research with a faculty member.

    Jasper Summer Research Scholar

    This is an annual program that funds up to three School of Science research projects each summer.

    Summer Fellows

    This is an annual program that supports big dreams by helping students connect their academics with experiential learning opportunities. The fellowship is given to one School of Science student each summer.

  • Eastern Colleges Science Conference

    The Eastern Colleges Science Conference (ECSC) is an association of primarily undergraduate colleges and universities that provides a forum for students in science and engineering to present their research. Information and guidelines are typically released in November, prior to the conference, which is held in late April or May.

    The organization seeks to stimulate interest in undergraduate research and provide a lively forum for the presentation of papers. Students and their advisors may attend, and students may present their findings in platform or poster presentations, or as full-length papers.

    Learn more about ECSC