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At Manhattan College, we highly value and encourage undergraduate research in the humanities and social sciences.

By doing a research project, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the discipline, clarify career goals, and establish relationships with faculty members. The experience builds both hard and soft skills that are easily transferrable — in graduate school and the job market.

As a student in the School of Liberal Arts, you will be encouraged to participate in research projects in collaboration with your professors, including writing papers and presenting at conferences. The experience will push your skills to the next level and give you extra insight into a field or topic you are passionate about.

Available research programs:

  • Branigan Scholars Fund - a program that supports creative or traditional research projects or student participation in a conference or internship experience.
  • Jasper Summer Research Scholars - a program that funds three liberal arts research or creative projects each summer.
  • Summer Fellows Program- a summer program that supports big dreams by helping students connect their academics with experiential opportunities to enhance their competitiveness for fellowships and graduate school.

Past research topics include:

  • Second-Generation Immigrant Assimilation Patterns in Washington Heights, N.Y.
  • Catholicism, Nazism, and Europe’s Jews: The Prelude to the Holocaust
  • “At the Last Party”: Social Gathering, Domestic Spatiality, and the Public and Private Spheres in Virginia Woolf
  • Can Being Excluded Cause Unconscious Mimicry?
  • From Labor Zionism to Neoliberalism: Inequality and Nationalism in Israel
  • Who Do We Pretend to be Online?: A study of Personality Portrayal on Facebook
  • Portrayals of Women in Advertising 1950-1959

Our students also have the opportunity to do advanced-level independent study with a faculty member in an area not ordinarily covered by coursework. Class sizes are kept small to give students the ability to build close relationships with their professors.