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First Year Seminar

All first year students in the School of Liberal Arts, both freshmen and transfers, take a writing-intensive seminar class.

As a first year liberal arts student, you will take two first year seminars, one in the fall and one in the spring. These seminars are small, writing-intensive classes that give you the opportunity to work closely with faculty, actively discuss issues and texts in depth, and improve your critical thinking and writing skills.

To gain a diverse set of experiences and skills, you will be required to choose courses from two of the three following groups:

  • Group 1: Art or Music 151; English 151; Liberal Learning 151
  • Group 2: History 152; Philosophy 152; Religious Studies 152
  • Group 3: Political Science 153; Psychology 153; Sociology 153

The following seminars will be offered during Fall semester 2019:

  • ART 151-01 & 02: Roots of the Modern Age: ART
  • ENGL 151-01 & 02: Making and Unmaking Monsters
  • LLRN 151-01: Love and War in Ancient Greece: Classical Origins, Modern Retellings
  • HIST 152-01: Human Rights
  • PHIL 152-01: Materialism & It's Discontents
  • PHIL 152-02: Philosophy through Film
  • RELS 152-01 & 02: Sacred Storytelling: Narrative, Tradition, and the Holy
  • PSYC 153-01: Not All Wounds are Visible: The Psychological Effects of War Trauma
  • PSYC 153-02: The Psychology of Me
  • POSC 153-01: Power and Participation
  • SOC 153-01: Gender and Natural Resource Management
  • SOC 153-02: Revolutionary Change

See detailed course descriptions