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School of Liberal Arts

A complete education begins with the liberal arts

The School of Liberal Arts offers a variety of challenging majors in the humanities and social sciences. We educate our students broadly so that they lead rewarding lives full of professional success and lifelong learning. With many distinct majors and minors, the School of Liberal Arts  which recently expanded to include the Division of Education — is Manhattan College's most diverse school.

As the only New York City member institution of the Annapolis Group of Liberal Arts, we have a shared dedication to helping students achieve success in the classroom and professionally.

Hands-On Learning

From field trips and internships downtown, to collaborative research projects with our faculty experts, School of Liberal Arts students have access to big city opportunities while getting personal attention in small classes. As Lasallians, our students use their skills to solve complex social issues. They discover how experience shapes people and their beliefs, and further — how it impacts commerce and politics around the world. They shed light on injustice and create solutions for a brighter tomorrow.