1. Adam Arenson

    Adam Arenson

    ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of HistoryHistory718-862-7317MGL 414
  2. Maeve Adams

    Maeve Adams

    Associate Professor, Director of Digital Arts and HumanitiesDirector of Digital Arts & HumanitiesEnglish718-862-7589MEM 422
  3. Mehnaz Afridi

    Mehnaz Afridi

    Director/HGI, ProfessorHolocaust, Genocide & Interfaith Education Center, Religious Studies718-862-7284MGL 406
  4. Kevin Ahern

    Kevin Ahern

    ProfessorDirector of Peace StudiesReligious Studies718-862-7113MGL 432
  5. Arshia Anwer

    Arshia Anwer

    Associate ProfessorCommunication718-862-3848LEO 207A
  6. Roksana Badruddoja

    Roksana Badruddoja

    ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of SociologySociology718-862-7406DLS 443
  7. Br. Robert Berger, FSC

    Br. Robert Berger, FSC

    Associate ProfessorReligious Studies718-862-7276MGL 436
  8. Jacob Boersema

    Jacob Boersema

    Visiting Assistant ProfessorSociology
  9. Courtney Bryant

    Courtney Bryant

    Assistant ProfessorReligious StudiesMEM 424
  10. Brian Chalk

    Brian Chalk

    ProfessorEnglish718-862-7121MEM 419
  11. Bridget Chalk

    Bridget Chalk

    Associate Dean -Kakos School of Arts & Sciences, ProfessorSchool of Science, English718-862-7119MGL 422
  12. Pamela Chasek

    Pamela Chasek

    ProfessorPolitical Science718-862-7248MGL 424
  13. Jawanza Clark

    Jawanza Clark

    ProfessorReligious Studies718-862-7305MGL 433
  14. Antonio Cordoba

    Antonio Cordoba

    Associate ProfessorModern Languages & Literatures718-862-7430MEM 416
  15. Lydia Crafts

    Lydia Crafts

    Assistant Professor History718-862-7127MGL 410
  16. Ashley Cross

    Ashley Cross

    ProfessorEnglish718-862-7498MGL 421
  17. Ricardo Dello Buono

    Ricardo Dello Buono

    Executive Director of Global Engagement and Study Abroad, ProfessorGlobal Engagement Office, Sociology718-862-3861MGL 408
  18. Paul Droubie

    Paul Droubie

    Assistant ProfessorDirector of International StudiesHistory718-862-7745MGL 415
  19. Jennifer Edwards

    Jennifer Edwards

    ProfessorHistory718-862-7967MGL 402
  20. Kimberly Fairchild

    Kimberly Fairchild

    Associate ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of PsychologyPsychology718-862-7120DLS 447
  21. Jay Friedenberg

    Jay Friedenberg

    ProfessorPsychology718-862-7895MEM 430
  22. Heidi Furey

    Heidi Furey

    Associate ProfessorPhilosophy
  23. Thom Gencarelli

    Thom Gencarelli

    ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of CommunicationCommunication718-862-7490LEO 207B
  24. Robert Geraci

    Robert Geraci

    Faculty Director of Veterans Success, ProfessorVeterans Success Center, Religious Studies718-862-7402MGL 418
  25. Nicholas Gilewicz

    Nicholas Gilewicz

    Assistant ProfessorCommunication718-862-3845LEO 243
  26. Marlene Gottlieb

    Marlene Gottlieb

    ProfessorModern Languages & Literatures718-862-7341MEM 407
  27. Michael Grabowski

    Michael Grabowski

    Professor, Media Tech. CoordinatorCommunication, Communication718-862-3852LEO 207A
  28. Margaret Groarke

    Margaret Groarke

    ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of Political SciencePolitical Science718-862-7943MGL 426
  29. Jeff Horn

    Jeff Horn

    ProfessorHistory718-862-7129MGL 412
  30. Adam Howe

    Adam Howe

    Assistant ProfessorPolitical Science718-862-7292MGL 409A
  31. Natalia Imperatori-Lee

    Natalia Imperatori-Lee

    ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of Religious StudiesReligious Studies718-862-7123MGL 429
  32. Nuwan Jayawickreme

    Nuwan Jayawickreme

    ProfessorPsychology718-862-7987MEM 409
  33. Jonathan Keller

    Jonathan Keller

    Associate ProfessorPolitical Science718-862-8426MGL 512
  34. Rebecca Kern-Stone

    Rebecca Kern-Stone

    ProfessorCommunication718-862-3847LEO 207E
  35. Adam Koehler

    Adam Koehler

    ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of EnglishEnglish718-862-7546MEM 418
  36. Arno Kolz

    Arno Kolz

    Associate ProfessorPsychology718-862-7896MEM 405
  37. Heidi Laudien

    Heidi Laudien

    Associate ProfessorEnglish718-862-7847MGL 404
  38. Marisa Lerer

    Marisa Lerer

    Associate ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of Art History/Digital Media ArtArt History and Digital Media Art718-862-7488HAY 106A
  39. Rocco Marinaccio

    Rocco Marinaccio

    ProfessorEnglish718-862-7503MGL 428
  40. Maria Maust-Mohl

    Maria Maust-Mohl

    Associate ProfessorDirector of Environmental StudiesPsychology718-862-7970DLS 445
  41. Martha Mendez-Baldwin

    Martha Mendez-Baldwin

    Assistant ProfessorPsychology718-862-7257MEM 408
  42. Zella Moore

    Zella Moore

    ProfessorPsychology718-862-7968MEM 429
  43. Jeffrey Myers

    Jeffrey Myers

    ProfessorEnglish718-862-7252MGL 403
  44. Elizabeth Nelson

    Elizabeth Nelson

    Associate ProfessorPolitical Science718-862-8422MGL 427
  45. Madeleine Novich

    Madeleine Novich

    Assistant ProfessorSociology718-862-7134MGL 425
  46. Eoin O'Connell

    Eoin O'Connell

    Associate ProfessorPhilosophy718-862-7326DLS 435
  47. Brennan O'Donnell

    Brennan O'Donnell

    President Emeritus, Professor/President EmeritusPresident's Office, EnglishMGL 1FL
  48. Deirdre O'Leary Cunningham

    Deirdre O'Leary Cunningham

    Associate ProfessorEnglish718-862-7541MEM 420
  49. Jordan Pascoe

    Jordan Pascoe

    ProfessorPhilosophy718-862-7326DLS 436
  50. Cristina Pérez Jiménez

    Cristina Pérez Jiménez

    Associate ProfessorEnglish718-862-7118MGL 437
  51. Michael Plugh

    Michael Plugh

    Associate ProfessorCommunication718-862-7585LEO 207C
  52. Mark A. Pottinger

    Mark A. Pottinger

    ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of Music and TheaterDepartment of Music and Theater718-862-7372MGL 417
  53. Stephanie Day Powell

    Stephanie Day Powell

    Visiting Assistant ProfessorReligious Studies718-862-7114MEM 424
  54. Michael Quinn

    Michael Quinn

    Associate ProfessorCommunication718-862-6399LEO 207D
  55. Laura Redruello

    Laura Redruello

    ProfessorModern Languages & Literatures718-862-7752MEM 417
  56. Michele Saracino

    Michele Saracino

    ProfessorReligious Studies718-862-7412MGL 435
  57. Daniel Savoy

    Daniel Savoy

    ProfessorArt History and Digital Media Art718-862-7330HAY 109B
  58. Evelyn Scaramella

    Evelyn Scaramella

    Associate ProfessorModern Languages & Literatures
  59. Sarah Scott

    Sarah Scott

    ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of PhilosophyPhilosophy718-862-7205DLS 434
  60. Rodney Sebastian

    Rodney Sebastian

    Assistant ProfessorReligious Studies718-862-3865DLS 444
  61. Claudia Setzer

    Claudia Setzer

    ProfessorReligious Studies718-862-7347MGL 434
  62. David Shefferman

    David Shefferman

    Associate ProfessorDirector of Urban StudiesReligious Studies718-862-7459MGL 431
  63. Andrew Skotnicki

    Andrew Skotnicki

    ProfessorReligious Studies718-862-7321MGL 419
  64. Nefertiti Takla

    Nefertiti Takla

    Associate ProfessorHistory718-862-8429MGL 413
  65. Suzanne Thorpe

    Suzanne Thorpe

    Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Music and Theater718-862-7372HAY 106B
  66. Margaret Toth

    Margaret Toth

    ProfessorEnglish718-862-7369MEM 420
  67. David Witzling

    David Witzling

    Associate ProfessorEnglish718-862-7966MGL 4FL
  68. Dominika Wrozynski

    Dominika Wrozynski

    Associate ProfessorEnglish718-862-7118MGL 423