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Campus Updates

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Departments & Interdisciplinary Programs

The School of Liberal Arts offers diverse foundation courses for all students, no matter their school or major. In addition, the School offers challenging majors in the humanities, social sciences and innovative interdisciplinary majors. These include courses taught by outstanding educators, committed to the advancement of knowledge in their classrooms and in their disciplines.

  • Art History & Digital Media Art Department

    Manhattan College

    Whether you’re creating digital art or pursuing an art history degree, you can explore both and hone your artistic skills in the Art History & Digital Media Art department. Many courses utilize world-class museums, concert halls, art galleries, architecture and theaters to bring course material to life. Our graduates leave the College with passion and the skills perfect for a creative career.

  • Communication Department

    Manhattan College
    Hands-on learning is what drives this department. As a communication student, you will have the chance to attend live tapings of shows in the city, hone your writing and editing skills as a reporter for The Quadrangle student newspaper, or produce a segment in the on-campus television studio.
  • English Department

    Manhattan College
    The English Department provides a variety of electives outside of the core set of required courses that allow you to personalize your education. By the time you graduate, you will have a set of portable skills to thrive in virtually any industry.
  • Environmental Studies Program

    Manhattan College
    The faculty in this program are scholars in a wide range of academic disciplines from government and philosophy to science and engineering. You will benefit from the breadth and depth of their expertise in the social, political, ethical and scientific dimensions of environmental thought.
  • History Department

    Manhattan College
    Our expert faculty are the driving force of this department. They are published scholars in their respective fields, particularly in the histories of the United States, Eastern and Western Europe, Japan and East Asia, and Latin America. 
  • International Studies Program

    Manhattan College

    By employing a variety of perspectives, we prepare students to meet the challenges of an increasingly global marketplace, and bring greater cultural knowledge, foreign language proficiency and international expertise to the table.

  • Labor Studies Program

    Manhattan College
    The Labor Studies Program draws from the expertise and experiences of faculty from across many different disciplines to offer students a comprehensive look at the nature and meaning of human work. Classes are small and collaborative. You will be encouraged to interact in lively discussion, share your insights and voice your opinions.
  • Modern Languages & Literatures Department

    Manhattan College
    The Modern Languages & Literatures Department helps you develop the ability to speak, understand, read, and write effectively in a language other than English.
  • Music & Theater Department

    Manhattan College

    What drives this department is its unparalleled access to New York City. Whether you want to pursue music or theatrical performance as a career or cultivate a lifelong passion in listening and recording, you will have ample opportunity to hone your creative skills in the Music and Theater department.

  • Peace & Justice Studies Program

    Manhattan College
    Peace and justice studies at Manhattan College is an interdisciplinary field, which is why our expert faculty are drawn from 14 different disciplines across the College, from the social sciences, the humanities, business, and the natural and applied sciences.
  • Philosophy Department

    Manhattan College

    The Philosophy Department is comprised of a tight-knit group of faculty who teach a wide variety of courses from ancient philosophy to today’s ethical dilemmas. These are the same dedicated professors who take on research projects with their students, helping them to identify their passions and preparing them for graduate school and doctoral work.

  • Political Science Department

    Manhattan College
    The faculty in this department are both scholars and activists. They are widely published and many are also highly active in top political organizations and agencies in New York City, including the United Nations.
  • Psychology Department

    Manhattan College
    The psychology faculty are passionate about providing outstanding educational opportunities for students, and consistently receive high ratings from students and peers. You will be encouraged to work on research projects with faculty and participate in conference presentations and journal publications. 
  • Religious Studies Department

    Manhattan College
    The Religious Studies Department is comprised of diverse faculty members who are scholars of the world and its great religious traditions. You can choose from a wide breadth of special topic electives, seminars or classes that incorporate a travel or off-site component.
  • Sociology Department

    Manhattan College
    The faculty in this department are supportive and will help you explore opportunities that will help you develop as a professional as well as a person. You are encouraged to pursue a variety of co-curricular activities by completing an internship or participating in activism in New York City or promoting social justice through a variety of local and global service opportunities.
  • Urban Studies Program

    Manhattan College
    The Urban Studies Program offers more field-based courses than any other program at Manhattan. From introductory courses that use New York City as a classroom, to advanced seminars and internship opportunities, Urban Studies puts you where the action is.