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Semester in New York

Offered to students from other colleges who want to study away from their home campus for a semester, our Semester in New York program provides you access to expand your horizons and build your résumé in one of the world's greatest cities — New York!

The program is offered during the spring semester and gives you the opportunity to:

Apply Now

Application deadlines for both semesters = November 1 and April 1

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Our New York City Location

Learn more about our New York City location which offers you the best of both worlds — a traditional college campus with easy access into the heart of Manhattan and all that NYC has to offer.


As a Semester in New York student, you will be offered a full slate of Urban Studies courses—taught by faculty in history, psychology, sociology, English, environmental studies and other departments—as well as the opportunity to join other classes you need for your degree, space permitting.

Housing Costs

Housing in campus will be guaranteed, with the exact arrangements made by the Office of Residence Life. As a resident student, you'll bond with floormates and participate in exciting residence life events. Learn more about our housing options.

Program Costs

  • For information on program costs, please use the contact information below.

More Information

For additional information or questions about applying, contact:

Adam Arenson, Director of the Urban Studies Program 
718-862- 7317