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About Us

Where better to study urban life than in one of the world’s greatest metropolises? The Urban Studies Program offers more field-based courses than any other program at Manhattan. From introductory courses that use New York City as a classroom, to advanced seminars and internship opportunities, Urban Studies puts you where the action is.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the program, you will get to know professors from across the School of Liberal Arts. They are scholars of politics and law, race relations and urban crime, arts, culture and history. If you find a particular topic interesting, they are willing to help you plot out career options or craft a research project. When you graduate, you will find that the strong liberal arts core within the Urban Studies Program has prepared you well for jobs in a number of important sectors.

Meet an Urban Studies Major: Ryan Waters

Urban studies and sociology major Ryan Waters discusses the benefits of double majoring for his future career and the many hands-on learning opportunities in the School of Liberal Arts.

Our Programs

Urban studies is one of the most interdisciplinary programs on campus. Drawing on economics, fine arts, government, history, psychology and sociology, this program provides a thorough look at what cities offer us, as well as the challenges and social issues that exist in urban and suburban settings.

The Urban Studies Program offers:

  • A major in urban studies
  • A minor in urban studies

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