Major & Minors

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    Cultural Anthropology (minor only)

    The cultural anthropology minor at Manhattan College provides students with powerful tools for making sense of culture and society. Students develop an appreciation of different cultures, power structures and inequality in the world.

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    Environmental science focuses on the relationship between human activities and the environment. It helps us understand nature from a scientific point of view, and allows us to serve society in a positive way.

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    The sociology program at Manhattan College emphasizes critical thinking and ingenuity. As a sociology major, you will become familiar with sociological concepts, theories, research methods and findings. You will gain exposure to diverse social...

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    Women and Gender Studies (minor only)

    In the women and gender studies minor, you will examine social identities, such as gender, race class, ability, sexual orientation. You will also explore how these identities intersect with related systems of oppression, domination and...