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About Us

The faculty in this department are supportive and will help you explore opportunities that will help you develop as a professional as well as a person. You are encouraged to pursue a variety of co-curricular activities by completing an internship or participating in activism in New York City or promoting social justice through a variety of local and global service opportunities.

Also, our faculty members are eager to engage in research projects with our students — especially if you have your sights set on graduate or professional school after graduation. Our department also sponsors regular events on campus, including panel discussions and film screenings, where we discuss contemporary issues and get to know our students better.

Meet a Sociology Major: Ryan Waters

Sociology and urban studies major Ryan Waters discusses the benefits of double majoring for his future career and the many hands-on learning opportunities in the School of Liberal Arts.

Our Programs

The Sociology Department helps students develop a sociological imagination — what scholar C. Wright Mills defined coined as “the vivid awareness of the relationship between personal experience and the wider society.” Our programs focus on sociological concepts, theories, methods and research findings while fostering respect for diversity and promoting global awareness, community service and social justice.