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About Us

The faculty in this department are both scholars and activists. They are widely published and many are also highly active in top political organizations and agencies in New York City, including the United Nations. They help connect students with the experiences that will help them achieve their goals.

Hands-on learning plays a big role in your experience as a political science major. You will be encouraged to get involved in areas of government that you’re passionate about. You may choose to volunteer on a political campaign, intern for a member of Congress or participate in a semester long internship and academic program in Washington, D.C. The Political Science department also runs a Model United Nations program as a class in the spring or as an extracurricular activity in the fall.

Our Programs

The Political Science Department offers:

  • A major in political science
  • A minor in political science
  • Meet our Faculty

    Our faculty are leaders in their fields. Find the complete list of faculty currently teaching in the Political Science department.
  • Faculty Emeriti in this Department

    The below is a complete list of living faculty members who retired from Political Science department and hold emeritus status

    • Dr. Michael Antolik, Professor Emeritus
    • Br. John Muller, Associate Professor Emeritus