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About Us

The Philosophy Department is comprised of a tight-knit group of faculty who teach a wide variety of courses from ancient philosophy to today’s ethical dilemmas. These are the same dedicated professors who take on research projects with their students, helping them to identify their passions and preparing them for graduate school and doctoral work.

As a philosophy student, you will be able to personalize your education and career goals by meeting with a faculty adviser within the department. You will also be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and take classes across the liberal arts that pique your interest, study abroad, or join a student organization on campus.

Meet a Philosophy Major: Krystal Diaz

Studying abroad in Europe brought to life many of the philosophy works that Krystal Diaz studied in the classroom at Manhattan College and deepened her appreciation for different cultures.

Our Programs

The Philosophy Department challenges you to ask big, important questions. Studying philosophy sharpens your ability to understand and analyze concepts, assumptions, beliefs, logical errors and commonly held opinions. It promotes clarity and precision in speaking, comprehension and writing. This program utilizes a liberal arts core and academic research to give you a competitive edge when applying for postgraduate studies or jobs across many fields.