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About Us

Whether you want to pursue music or theatrical performance as a career or cultivate a lifelong passion in listening and recording, you will have ample opportunity to hone your creative skills in the Music and Theater department. As part of a growing community on campus, both music and theater students have the chance to live with like-minded students in a residence community, choreograph and perform in shows around campus, participate in music ensembles, conduct research on the visual and sonic arts, and attend national conferences and competitions. 

Our professors are scholars who have studied and performed around the world, and bring their unique perspectives to the classroom.

What drives this department is its unparalleled access to New York City. Many courses utilize the world-class performance venues, concert halls, creative workshops, and theaters in the area to bring course material to life. Our students have the opportunity to intern at record labels, radio stations, cultural magazines, production companies, and theaters. Our graduates leave the College with a greater appreciation for music and theater, and a refined skill set that complements a variety of subject areas and career opportunities.

Abigail Drayer
The industry professionals I met through the sound studies program opened the door to opportunities I had not previously considered.

Abigail Drayer ’22 Acoustic Consultant and Associate at Cerami

Learn more about sound studies

Our Programs

The Music and Theater Department provides you with an opportunity to study, develop, perform and pursue your creative passions in a supportive environment, surrounded by one of the world’s greatest hubs of music and theater: New York City. 



Why Choose Music?

Music is interdisciplinary, meaning it encompasses many areas of knowledge. As a student of music, you’re also a student of the world and its dynamic soundscape. Music creates community and highlights our unique cultural identities.

Why Choose Theater?

Whether you want to study theater as a launching pad for a career in performing arts, or as a way to pursue a passion and supplement your major, our theater minor offers great opportunities. New York City is also the ultimate classroom. The Theatre District is midtown Manhattan is where most Broadway theaters are, and we're only a short ride away on the No. 1 train. That's what we call access.