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Scholarships & Prizes

The History Department offers several scholarships and prizes for history majors.


The Anna Bendernagel Memorial Scholarship

Founded in 2005 by James ’73 and Alicia Bendernagel, this scholarship provides tuition assistance to women majoring in history who demonstrate financial need.

The George B. and Susan Kirsch Scholarship

The Kirsch Scholarship is awarded each year to the most outstanding history major enrolled in the junior class of the School of Liberal Arts. Established in 2009 by George B. Kirsch in appreciation of his long tenure as a member of the History Department, which began in September 1972, this scholarship also honors the memory of his beloved wife, Susan L. Kirsch, who died in 2008.

The James J. Lee Jr. Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the family of James J. Lee Jr. The award, a four-year scholarship, is open to a student majoring in history. Continuation of the scholarship requires that the student remains in good academic standing.

The Anne and George Skau ’59 Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2008 by Anne and George Skau to provide financial aid to students who transfer from community college and who enroll in the School of Liberal Arts. Preference is given to students pursuing a degree in history or peace studies.


Morrison Swift Award

The Morrison Swift Award, inaugurated in 2010 by alumnus Roger Goebel in memory of long-time faculty member Morrison Swift, goes to the best paper written in the capstone Senior Seminar, HIST 490.

The McGoldrick Medal for History

This scholarship was founded by Joseph L. McGoldrick, ’12, A.M., M.D., in memory of his parents, Lawrence and Mary McGoldrick.