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About Us

The faculty in this program are scholars in a wide range of academic disciplines from government and philosophy to science and engineering. You will benefit from the breadth and depth of their expertise in the social, political, ethical and scientific dimensions of environmental thought. Outside of the classroom, you will get to know your professors on a deeper level through in-the-field learning experiences, department social gatherings, lectures and numerous other co-curricular opportunities. Our program also supports the Center for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability (CURES), one of the College’s most active organizations.

As an environmental studies major, hands-on learning is an important part of your experience. There are many opportunities for internships with New York area environmental organizations and businesses to gain real work experience in solving environmental problems. Among these is an urban agriculture internship during the summer to learn how to grow local, sustainable, organic produce in the College’s rooftop garden. You may also choose to participate in research one-on-one with faculty members on a wide array of environmental topics.

Our Programs

The Environmental Studies Program is unique in that it provides students with a broad understanding of the complex relationship between human beings and their environment through the study of a variety of academic disciplines.

The Environmental Studies Program offers:

  • A major in environmental studies 
  • A minor in environmental studies