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About Us

We provide a variety of electives outside of the core set of required courses that allow you to personalize your education. By the time you graduate, you will have a set of portable skills to thrive in virtually any industry.

Class sizes are small, and many of the courses emphasize off-campus experiences, making New York City our classroom. You will also get to know your professors outside of the classroom during many co-curricular opportunities including frequent “English Night” gatherings at nearby restaurants, and our Major Author Reading Series (M.A.R.S.) on campus.

Meet an English Major: Kieran Rock

English major Kieran Rock discusses his experiences conducting research with a faculty mentor and other hands-on learning opportunities.

Our Programs

The English Department helps students develop the high-level reading, writing and analytical skills to succeed in an increasingly diverse, global workplace. The English Department offers major and minor programs. Additionally, the department supports students from the School of Education & Health who choose to do a concentration in English within their education major.



  • Faculty Emeriti in this Department

    The below is a complete list of living faculty members who retired from the English department and hold emeritus status

    • Br. Patrick Horner, Professor Emeritus
    • Dr. Mary Ann O'Donnell, Professor Emeritus
    • Dr. Gary Vena, Professor Emeritus
    • Dr. William Kenney, Assistant Professor Emeritus
    • Dr. Lydia Panaro, Assistant Professor Emeritus

Upcoming Events