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Internships & Student Teaching

As a student in the Division of Education, you must complete extensive fieldwork and internship requirements so that you’re fully prepared to start your career upon graduation.

Our partnerships with schools throughout the region give you hands-on work experiences that complement your theoretical studies.

Student Teaching

As an aspiring teacher, it’s necessary to begin interacting with students as soon as possible, which is why classroom experience begins during your freshman year. In our teacher preparation programs, all students must complete 100 hours of observation during the first three years of study, followed by student teaching in the senior year. As a student teacher, you will help plan and lead daily lessons and assist your cooperating teacher in classroom management, organization, and grading.

Professional Practicums

As a student enrolled in an academic or physical education program, or in the exercise science program, you might be completing professional practicums that have you working in elementary, middle and high schools.