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About Us

Hands-on learning is what drives this department. As a communication student, you will have the chance to attend live tapings of shows in the city, hone your writing and editing skills as a reporter for The Quadrangle student newspaper, produce a segment in the on-campus television studio, or work on a live sports broadcast for ESPN+/ESPN3. You also have unparalleled access to internship and career opportunities at New York City's top companies, brands and publications. 

The Sumner Redstone Television Production Center is fully equipped to stream and record 4K video within its professional studio complex. Students in our sports media production concentration  a program that works in partnership with ESPN  learn to produce live sports programming, as well as how to shoot, interview and edit packages, and how to announce and offer commentary on games. 

Your professors have all worked in the field and are passionate about giving you the tools you need to start a career in advertising, broadcasting, journalism or public relations. You will graduate ready to take on challenging assignments, and knowing the importance of your work. 

Meet a Communication Major: Natalie Heinitz

Natalie Heinitz paired her interests in government and politics with her communication major and landed a competitive internship with Haddad Media in New York City.

Our Programs

The Communication Department is proud to prepare the next generation of responsible media professionals. Our faculty teach with industry-standard technology in the classroom and encourage hands-on learning in one of the world’s most diverse media hubs: New York City. The department offers:

A major in communication, with concentrations in:

  • Advertising
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Journalism
  • Media Production 
  • Public Relations
  • Sports Media Production