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In the competitive, hands-on world of media, it’s a huge advantage to walk into your first day of an internship or job and already know how to operate the equipment, use the editing software and know where industry trends are leading. This makes you a valued employee anywhere.

At Manhattan College, undergraduate communication students learn and work in the state-of-the-art Sumner Redstone Television Production Center, which was renovated in 2016 and is the first college broadcast studio in the greater New York City area to utilize 4K technology.

What’s Inside?

A television studio for pre-production, field and post-production work

  • Used for MC-TV, the College’s student-produced TV station
  • Three Blackmagic 4K studio cameras with Vinten pedestal mounts
  • Blackmagic 4K 2-M/E digital video switcher
  • Blackmagic Hyperdrive digital disk recorder

Post-production video editing labs

  • Avid-based workstations networked into the television studio for pre-produced news packages and shows
  • Pro Tools multi-track digital nonlinear audio software
  • Full Adobe Creative Suite
  • Virtual reality software

Multimedia Lab

Separate from the Sumner Redstone Television Production Center, the Communication Department also utilizes a multimedia lab that features industry-standard software for web and digital print design, including the full Adobe Creative Suite.

Who Uses It?

The television studio is used by students in:

  • COMM 100: Television Production Company
  • COMM 308: Studio Television Production
  • COMM 419: Advanced Television Production
  • Independent studies
  • MC-TV student organization

The multimedia and post-production labs are used by students in:

  • COMM 304: Digital Storytelling
  • COMM 305: Digital Print Design
  • COMM 306: Web Design
  • COMM 350: Field & Post-production
  • COMM 419: Advanced Television Production
  • Advertising and public relations electives