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Gallery Exhibits on Campus

The College maintains an active presence in the New York City art scene by regularly hosting art exhibits on campus.

The Manhattan Project(s)

The Manhattan Project(s) was started in 2010 by adjunct instructor and visual artist Gautam Kansara as a way to feature art by students, professors, and emerging and underrepresented artists. The gallery is housed in Hayden Hall 109 and curated by the Visual and Performing Arts department. In the past, artists have exhibited photo-collage installations, print work, paintings, drawings, videos and interactive audio.

View Manhattan Project(s) exhibits

Urban Art Passage Gallery

Located on the fourth floor of Miguel Hall, the Urban Art Passage Gallery was opened in 2012 by Cory Blad, associate professor of sociology and urban studies. The gallery has showcased work by New York City artists that are unaffiliated with the College along with exhibits that feature the work of Manhattan College professors from a variety of academic disciplines, including:

  • Linda Saphan, Urban Studies
  • Mark DeBonis, Mathematics
  • Gautam Kansara, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Jay Friedenberg, Psychology
  • Jeff Pettis, Religious Studies
  • Pamela Chasek, Government