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The Art History and Digital Media Art department encourages creativity in all forms. As a student, you'll have access to industry-standard equipment and software for class, assignments and personal projects.

Graphics Arts Lab

Hayden 104
  • Hi-res LCD projector and screen
  • 16 computer stations with 16 to 32GB RAM iMac computers
  • Two 17”x100’ large-format roll-paper photo network printers
  • Hi-res network scanner
  • Wacom digital graphic tablets with stylus pens (drawing)
  • SONY 16.6 MB HD cameras (photography)
  • Canon Vixia HD camcorders (video)
  • Tripods
  • Boom and condenser microphones
  • Adobe Creative Cloud software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, DreamWeaver)
  • Final Cut Pro Studio
  • Corel Painter 12

Art History Lecture Classroom

Hayden 107
  • HD 1080i hi-res 3D-LCD projector
  • 3D built-in projector screen with 3D glasses
  • Darkened room environment for enhanced image projection


Hayden 100
  • 127 seats
  • HD 1080i hi-res large-format LCD projector and drop-down wide screen
  • 28-speaker digital surround-sound environment, acoustically defined walls and ceilings
  • Smart podium with microphones
  • 20' white board
  • 6.5'x24'x1' raised platform stage

Department Lounge

Hayden 109
  • Two-station iMac computer lab
  • Acoustic and digital piano
  • Exhibition space for student art and audio installations