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About Us

The Kinesiology Department offers extensive practical training as well as courses designed to help you develop as a person. In addition to your fieldwork requirements, you are encouraged to participate in co-curricular experiences on campus and in the community.

Our department has a long tradition of excellence, and as a kinesiology student, you will benefit from the network of successful alumni who have gone on to work in physical therapy, physical education, corporate and commercial fitness, cardiac rehabilitation, occupational therapy, sports medicine and other health-related fields. Our faculty members are experts in wide-ranging topics including:

  • adapted aspects of physical activity, recreation, and sport
  • athletic training/injury prevention
  • biomechanics
  • exercise physiology
  • exercise science
  • healthcare administration
  • motor learning
  • pedagogy of teaching physical education
  • psychosocial aspects of physical activity, exercise, and sport
  • public health
  • sport history
  • sport sociology

Meet an Exercise Science Major: Allie Yamashiro

A native of Hawaii, exercise science major Allie Yamashiro is a student-athlete and loves to apply what she learns about the body to her training in volleyball.

Our Programs

The Kinesiology department provides you with a multidimensional education that will allow you to make a difference in the health, physical performance, quality of life and overall wellness of individuals. The department offers three majors:

  • Exercise Science: This program prepares students for leadership positions in a variety of health, fitness, and performance environments as well as graduate training in the health and medical professions (i.e., physical therapy). It helps students meet requirements for certification as an Exercise Physiologist from the American College of Sport Medicine and/or certification as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
  • Physical Education: This program trains skilled physical education teachers through a combination of traditional coursework and fieldwork. It helps students meet academic requirements for initial New York state teaching certification, which also covers certification in coaching.
  • Public HealthPublic health is a science that aims to protect and promote the health of all people and the communities in which they live, work, learn and play. Graduates may pursue various career paths within the community health, healthcare administration and research fields, in addition to many others.

A minor in adapted physical activity is also offered.

  • Faculty Emeriti in this Department

    The below is a complete list of living faculty members who retired from the Kinesiology department and hold emeritus status

    • Dr. Deborah Adams, Assistant Professor Emeritus
    • Dr. John Carey, Assistant Professor Emeritus

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