1. Michelle Bell

    Michelle Bell

    Assistant ProfessorGraduate Director of Marriage Fam Ther GraduateCounseling and Therapy718-862-7558MEM 4FL
  2. Raymond Blanchard

    Raymond Blanchard

    Assistant ProfessorCounseling and Therapy718-862-7156MEM 410
  3. Corine Fitzpatrick

    Corine Fitzpatrick

    ProfessorCounseling and Therapy718-862-7497DLS 439
  4. Ian Levy

    Ian Levy

    Associate ProfessorGraduate Director of School CounselingCounseling and Therapy718-862-7883DLS 437
  5. Marjan Persuh

    Marjan Persuh

    Associate ProfessorDirector of Mental Health Coun GraduateCounseling and Therapy718-862-7478MEM 428