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Future Cadets

Hello Prospective Bronx Bomber! We look forward to welcoming you as a Bronx Bomber and helping you pursue your dream of becoming an Air Force or Space Force Officer. In order for us to best advise you, please fill out the form below in its entirety. After you fillout the form, a Detachment 560 reprsentative will be in touch with you to invite you to the Air Force ROTC Information Session you signed up for in the questionaire below.  At Information Session, you will be provided information on how to apply to Manhttan College (NOTE: there is a unique application process for AFROTC cadets). Once admitted to Manhattan College, you will be assigned a Mentor Cadet who will help you integrate into cadet life, inlcuding registering for class. If you have specific questions, please contact the Recruiting Officer at or (718) 862-7201. Aim high!!

NOTE: If you are a USMMA Midshipmen, do not follow this process. Instead, follow the instructions outlined on the USMMA tab.


  1. Complete Questionnaire
  2. Complete AFROTC Admissions Form
  3. Create a WINGS account using this guide
  4. Set up your email address (cadre will email you instructions on how to do this)
  5. Register for Class
  6. Sign up for a paperwork appointment (cadre will email you instructions on how to do this)
  7. Sign up for & attend New Cadet Orientation (NCOP)
Chathuni Seneviratne
What I value most are the opportunities that I have been given to develop not only my career but my character.

Chathuni Seneviratne AS100 Cadet General Military Course

Andrew Amoako
AFROTC has given me a lot of opportunity to improve my leadership potential and especially hone my critical thinking skills.

Andrew Amoako AS300 Cadet Professional Officer Course