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Future Cadets

Hello Prospective Bronx Bomber! Check out the steps below to become an Air Force or Space Force Officer through ROTC in NYC. Follow us on Instagram & reach out if you have any questions: We look forward to seeing you at our next information session (sign up in Step 1 below).


  1. Complete Questionnaire
  2. Complete AFROTC Admissions Form
  3. Create a WINGS account using this guide
  4. Set up your email address (cadre will email you instructions on how to do this)
  5. Register for Class
  6. 25 Aug 2023: Attend New Cadet Orientation (NCOP)
  7. 1 Sep 2023: First day of ROTC class!

Fall 2023 Key Dates

1 Aug 23: Last day to fill out questionnaire (Step1 above)

2 Aug 23: Last information session to join Fall 2023 semester

5 Aug 23: Last day to send in AFROTC app (Step 2 above)

24 Aug 23: Last day to register for DAAS (ROTC) classes 

25 Aug 23: New Cadet Orientation Program (NCOP)

1 Sep 23: First day of ROTC classes

Spring '23 Virtual Information Session Dates

31 Jan 2023 @ 1900 (7pm) Sign up in Prospective Questionnaire

28 Feb 2023 @ 1900 (7pm) Sign up in Prospective Questionnaire

28 Mar 2023 @ 1900 (7pm) Sign up in Prospective Questionnaire

25 Apr 2023 @ 1900 (7pm) Sign up in Prospective Questionnaire

23 May 2023 @ 1900 (7pm) Sign up in Prospective Questionnaire

Zukin Gao
AFROTC has given me an opportunity to become my favorite version of myself.

Zukin Gao AS300 Cadet Economics Major

Lauren Underwood
ROTC has taught me how to not only motivate others, but also myself.

Lauren Underwood AS200 Cadet Psychology Major