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Program Detail

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is conducted at over 1000 colleges and universities throughout the United States in order to select and train men and women to become commissioned officers in the U.S. Air Force and U. S. Space Force. Most graduates who enter the Air Force or Space Force through ROTC are assigned positions consistent with their academic major. Others, who wish to do so, may qualify to become pilots and navigators. Men and women who complete graduation requirements for their major and ROTC, receive a commission as an active duty second lieutenants in the U.S. Air and Space Force. Additionally, officers who qualify may do graduate studies prior to beginning their military duties. While Air Force ROTC is taught at Manhattan College in Riverdale, it is available to many students attending college in the Greater New York area at qualified consortium locations.

Course Content

The Department of Air and Space Studies offers 3- and 4-year programs to students. The course content consists of two parts: (1) academic class and (2) leadership lab class (LLAB).  The academic classes are completed with the student's peer group (ex. freshman, sophomore, junior, senior); all lower division courses are one credit hour and upper division courses are three credit hours. The LLAB portion brings all four year groups together where students practice a wide array of activities to enhance leadership skills (ex. drill and ceremonies, group leadership projects, and physical fitness).  LLAB is 1-credit hour.  Anyone interested in the military, leadership, government, or national security issues is encouraged to register for the academic classes.  Students who chose to be active cadets pursuing a commission are required to attend their respective academic class in addition to LLAB.


Highly qualified freshmen and sophomores can compete nationally for the In-College Scholarship Program. Express Scholarships may be available to students pursuing degrees the Air Force deems “critical” (Engineering and Foreign Languages). Scholarships cover tuition and most fees, $900 annually for textbooks, and include a monthly stipend ($300-$500). For High School seniors, four-year scholarships are available through and applications are due by February 1 each year.


For more information about Air Force ROTC or about our scholarship programs, log on to, email us at,  or contact our office at (718) 862-7901