Petroleum Engineering Option

Petroleum engineers design and develop ways to extract oil and gas from below the Earth’s surface, and employment is projected to grow 10% during the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Our Petroleum Engineering Option will give you a competitive advantage in the petroleum industry. Available to both undergraduate and graduate engineering students, this four-course concentration covers topics in the refining, fuels, natural gas mining and processing, and petrochemical industries.

As a student pursuing this concentration, you will learn how to use Aspen HYSYS, the energy industry’s leading process simulation software that’s used by top oil and gas producers, refineries and engineering companies for process optimization in design and operations. Our graduates have gone on to work for top companies, including Exxon, Lummus and Air Products.

In addition to the six required chemical engineering core courses, you will take the following:

CHMG 748

Petroleum Refinery Processing I


CHMG 749

Natural Gas Processing I


Choose two from the following:

CHMG 754

Petroleum Refinery Processing II


CHMG 755

Natural Gas Processing II


CHMG 756

Oxidative Conversion of Shale Gas Components