1. Michelle Bell

    Michelle Bell

    Assistant ProfessorGraduate Director of Marriage Fam Ther GraduateCounseling and Therapy718-862-7558MEM 4FL
  2. Dana Brookover

    Dana Brookover

    Assistant ProfessorCounseling and TherapyMEM 410
  3. Jeffrey Cherubini

    Jeffrey Cherubini

    ProfessorKinesiology718-862-7222ALM 207
  4. Fran Clemente

    Fran Clemente

    Visiting Assistant ProfessorKinesiology718-862-7215DRA 1FL
  5. Corine Fitzpatrick

    Corine Fitzpatrick

    ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of Counseling & Therapy-Graduate, Department Chairperson of School Counseling, Graduate Director of Counseling & Therapy-Graduate, Graduate Director of Mental Health Coun GraduateCounseling and Therapy718-862-7497DLS 439
  6. William Furey

    William Furey

    Assistant ProfessorEducation718-862-7387MEM 433
  7. Christie Gonzalez-Toro

    Christie Gonzalez-Toro

    Assistant ProfessorKinesiology718-862-7494ALM 208
  8. Kate Hathaway

    Kate Hathaway

    Visiting Associate ProfessorGraduate Director of Special Education-GraduateEducation718-862-7373MGL 431
  9. Mary Ann Jacobs

    Mary Ann Jacobs

    Associate ProfessorEducation718-862-7272MEM 411
  10. Tedd Keating

    Tedd Keating

    Associate ProfessorKinesiology718-862-7495ALM 209
  11. Remigia Kushner

    Remigia Kushner

    ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of Education, Graduate Director of Education Leadership-GraduateEducation718-862-7473DLS 440
  12. Shawn Ladda

    Shawn Ladda

    ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of KinesiologyKinesiology718-862-7811ALM 2FL
  13. Tracy Lahey

    Tracy Lahey

    Assistant ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of EducationEducation718-862-6400MEM 432
  14. Ian Levy

    Ian Levy

    Assistant ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of Counseling & Therapy-Graduate, Graduate Director of Counseling & Therapy-Graduate, Graduate Director of School CounselingCounseling and Therapy718-862-7883DLS 437
  15. William Merriman

    William Merriman

    ProfessorKinesiology718-862-8148ALM 203
  16. Lisa Rizopoulos

    Lisa Rizopoulos

    ProfessorEducation718-862-7879DLS 449
  17. Rani Roy

    Rani Roy

    Assistant Professor of Public Health, Associate ProvostKinesiology, Associate Provost718-862-7755DLS 206D
  18. Lisa Toscano

    Lisa Toscano

    ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of KinesiologyKinesiology718-862-7216ALM 208
  19. Gloria Wolpert

    Gloria Wolpert

    ProfessorEducation718-862-7106DLS 4FL
  20. Ruth Zealand

    Ruth Zealand

    ProfessorEducation718-862-7493DLS 437