Online MBA Program

The Manhattan College MBA program can be completed fully online with the same high-quality professors and challenging content as our in-person classes.  Online classes are available for both full-time and part-time students. The online classes are given in intensive, 7-week modules that are available twice per semester in successive sessions (Part I and Part II).

Interested in completing your Manhattan MBA fully online? Please contact one of our advisors (Richard Ross at or Dr. Marc Waldman at to plan your schedule. 

If you are interested in completing your MBA degree online within 15 months, the Flex MBA may be your best option (with no Concentration). If you would like a Concentration (see [MBA Concentrations webpage]), please plan ahead to assure availability of all classes.  The following online classes are currently available:

All Required Core Classes

MBA 617 Decision Modeling with Spreadsheets

MBA 618 Financial Management

MBA 630 Accounting for Business Decision Making

MBA 635 Managerial Economics

MBA 637 Marketing Strategy and the Business Decision Making

MBA 710 Professional Ethics

The Capstone Class

MBA 622 Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Concentration Classes

Business Analytics:

MBA 611 Advanced Data Analysis

MBA 615 Computing in R

MBA 646 Project Management

Finance & Economics:

MBA 616 Stock Market and Corporate Valuation

MBA 626 Environmental Economics and Policy

MBA 638 Market, States, and Policies in the Global Economy

MBA 639 Corporate Finance

Organizations, Markets and Sustainability:

MBA 624 Going Global: Business and Society

MBA 636 Supply Chain Analysis

MBA 720 Advanced Strategic Management