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Global Business Studies (minor)

Global business studies helps us understand how businesses operate around the world. It also examines the government, politics and economies of different cultures.

Why Choose Global Business Studies?


Our world is getting smaller as travel simplifies and the Internet expands. Understanding our global similarities and differences helps us better provide goods and services to foreign consumers. All business, even domestic business, is affected by the global market.

Complementary Subject Matter

Global business studies complements every major in the School of Business. Many of the courses that are required for business majors overlap with global business requirements. Studying economics, finance or marketing on a larger, more global scale will enhance your understanding of the material and provide you with a better idea of how different cultures work.

Travel Opportunities

The best global business programs in the country have a required course outside of the country. Manhattan offers study abroad programs and an international field seminar for business students. Past trips have gone to places like Spain, Australia, France and England. Learning abroad with the School of Business may give you the opportunity to:

  • Visit the international headquarters of global companies
  • Meet foreign business leaders
  • Practice a new language
  • Learn about different business customs and methods
  • Present on your experience at home

What Will You Learn?

Global business studies is a minor offered to students already majoring in another School of Business program. Related programs include economics, finance, marketing, management and government. You can also choose to study a foreign language, which is helpful in being able to navigate your way around in a foreign country and to understand the culture.

In class, you will learn about global:

  • business operations
  • governments
  • politics
  • economic environments
  • management styles and methodologies

The International Field Seminar helps students learn:

  • how managers of different firms work with employees
  • how managers work to satisfy different consumers
  • the effect of being within one culture and marketing to another
See the Degree Requirements

What Will You Do?

Adding global business to your studies gives you a competitive edge that is necessary in today’s global market. You will be well prepared for a career in business, foreign affairs, or education.