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Chinese (minor only)

Chinese is most spoken language in the world. In fact,1 out of 6 people speak Mandarin Chinese. Its growing influence in global business, politics and economic has made China the second largest economy in the world.

Why Choose Chinese?

There is a high demand for employees who speak in more than one language. Regardless of your intended career path, multilingual proficiency makes you a stronger job candidate. A Chinese minor is an excellent complement to just about any career in theliberal arts and sciences or in business, engineering, education or the health professions. Being proficient in Chinese can open doors for careers in international business, science, engineering, government, law, education, religion, health professions and many other fields.

The Classroom

In addition to courses focusing on conversation, grammar, reading, and composition, Chinese classes provide extensive knowledge of the culture of the Chinese-speaking people.

Our small class sizes allow you to develop language competency as well as establish a close relationship with your professor.

The Experience

There is no better place to learn Chinese than in a global hub like New York City, where around 500,000 Chinese Americans reside. As a Chinese minor at Manhattan College, you’ll have a variety of opportunities that take you out of the classroom and into the world, including:

  • Trips to museums, cultural institutions, Chinatown in New York City
  • Plays, concerts and lectures, both on campus and throughout NYC
  • International study abroad programs

What Will You Learn?

The Chinese minor combines practical language skills with cultural studies. As a Chinese minor, you will:

  • Become proficient in speaking, reading and writing Chinese
  • Understand how this language works in comparison to English
  • Gain a critical understanding of and appreciation for Chinese culture

See minor requirements

What Will You Do?

See the Spanish major or French major page for further information about careers specific to modern languages.