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Catholic Studies (minor only)

Catholic Studies explores how faith and reason are integrated into all parts of life. It also explores the Catholic expression in theology, philosophy, literature, history and art.

Why Choose Catholic Studies?

The Education

Catholic studies is closely tied to the mission of Manhattan College. We are a Lasallian Catholic college with a rich heritage and identity. Our faculty are experts in the world of Catholic thought, and provide us with constant learning opportunities.

But Catholicism is not just an institution or a set of cultural traditions. Its influence and expression can be seen in fine arts, literature, history, the social sciences, as well as in religious studies. Studying Catholicism rounds out a liberal arts education.

There is also a special scholarship available for Catholic studies students. The ABCO Peerless Sprinkler Corporation Scholarship was founded in 1998 by William G. Bowe '51 and Timothy W. Bowe '81. This scholarship provides tuition assistance to students who concentrate in Catholic Studies and have financial need.

The City

By pursuing Catholic studies at Manhattan College, you get to experience:

  • The global nature of Catholicism in one of the world’s most iconic cultural centers: New York City
  • New York City’s diverse population, which includes Catholics from all continents and their religious expressions
  • Resources and sites unique to the cultural setting of New York City, such as:
    • The Cloisters
    • World famous cathedrals including St. Patrick’s and St. John the Divine
    • The Metropolitan Museum of Art

As a Catholic studies minor, you are also well-positioned for internships at:

  • Catholic publications like Commonweal and America magazine
  • Cultural institutions like museums and historical sites

What Will You Learn?

As a Catholic studies student, you will have the opportunity to study:

  • Literature about Catholicism in many languages
  • Issues of social justice and activism
  • The philosophical foundations of Catholic thought and practice
  • Artistic expressions
  • Racial, gender, and class divisions in Catholicism
  • The everyday life and practice of Catholics in the United States and elsewhere

The Catholic studies minor is designed to complement majors including:

  • English
  • Philosophy
  • Modern Languages & Literatures
  • Education
  • Business
  • Biology
  • Engineering

See the minor requirements

There is also a Catholic studies concentration within the religious studies major and minor.

What Will You Do?

The Catholic studies minor prepares you to work in a variety of fields, especially those where a knowledge of the Catholic faith is valued. Many nonprofit organizations or religiously-affiliated schools and programs hire Catholic studies students.