2015 Summer Urban Agriculture Internship In Partnership Groundwork Hudson Valley 

After two years of successfully running the Manhattan College Rooftop Farm, Manhattan College’s Center for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability is looking to get things growing again!  This unique paid internship will provide three selected undergraduate students with an opportunity to learn how to farm, harvest, and work with nature all on an urban rooftop in New York City.

Through an interactive partnership with the Yonkers non-profit Groundwork Hudson Valley, students will also be trained on how to construct wooden garden beds, plant, maintain, harvest soil crops, attend several workshops with Groundwork Hudson Valley staff, and grow vegetables hydroponically aboard Groundwork’s Science Barge. They will then have the opportunity to vend the produce at a local farmers market in neighboring Yonkers! Interns may also be taught to take care of and tend to bee-hives.

Interns will also have the opportunity to visit other urban gardens and farms in the Metropolitan region.  Additionally, interns will build and maintain connections with gardens off-campus, such as the Montefiore-Mosholu Community Garden and the N.Y.C.H.A. Marble Hill Garden. In these gardens, interns will be working among and making connections with other volunteers and programs such as Montefiore’s B’N Fit and the Marble Hill Summer Camp.

Housing will be included for interns within Manhattan College’s Overlook Apartment and interns will each receive a weekly share (CSA) of vegetables and fruits from the market. Interns will also research methods of composting with the goal of implementing campus composting. Students will have the ability to earn credit toward specific majors/minors applicable to internship work and research.

How to apply:

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Submit answers on a separate document to The deadline for applications is Wednesday, March 4th. Notification for internship positions will be delivered approximately a week from deadline submission date. In-person interviews will be conducted after applicants are selected. For any further questions please contact


-RELATED EXPERIENCE: Do you have any experience or background in gardening, composting, or carpentry? If yes please explain.

Do you possess any other skills relevant to this internship? Do you have any skills or skill sets that would help better the garden or create new uses for the space? If so, please elaborate.

-AVAILABILITY: Do you have any commitments that would potentially conflict with the internship throughout the spring-summer (e.g. additional work, classes, etc.)?

-PASSION: Why are you interested in working as a rooftop garden intern? Include examples of your interest, knowledge, and experience with issues of urban sustainability, food production, and social justice.

-WORK EXPERIENCE: Do you have prior work experience? If so please list position, responsibilities, and years in that position.

Do you prefer to work independently or in a group?

Do you work well under minimal supervision?

-REFERENCES: Please list up to two references. Letters of recommendation are not necessary for this position.

-ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS: In this internship you may be working in close proximity to bees. Do you have a bee-allergy?