Center for Ethics

Manhattan College Center for Ethics

Mission Statement

The mission of Manhattan College is to provide a contemporary, person-centered educational experience that prepares graduates for lives of personal development, professional success, civic engagement, and service to their fellow human beings” (Mission Statement, June 2012).

The Center for Ethics supports this mission through its commitment to fostering ethics and values education at Manhattan College. The Center is committed to encouraging dialogue between theorists and practitioners, the Manhattan College community and surrounding communities, and to addressing issues of social justice. It promotes engagement with the complexities of ethical life by drawing on the resources of Manhattan College and experts from the region.  To achieve its mission, the Center:   

  • fosters an awareness of ethics across the college curriculum;
  • assists faculty in incorporating ethical concerns more fully into their teaching;
  • supports the development of specialized courses that focus on ethical issues in different disciplines;
  • helps to place students in internships related to professional ethics;
  • organizes conferences and colloquia on topics and issues related to ethics, values, and social justice;
  • supplies resources to assist professionals in public and private sectors, giving special attention to the needs of alumnae and alumni;
  • invites speakers with practical experience to campus to address ethical issues in the professions;
  • provides resources to assist faculty with projects related to ethics;
  • coordinates discussion groups to address specific ethical issues.