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MBA Concentrations

The Manhattan College MBA Program offers concentrations that give students in-depth knowledge about some of our economy's fastest-growing sectors. Students gain a thorough understanding of the following in-demand areas of business:

  • Business Analytics
  • Finance and Economics
  • Organizations, Markets and Sustainability
We also offer a General MBA curriculum that provides students with broad exposure to their choice of MBA concentrations.

Business Analytics

The Business Analytics concentration exposes students to the exciting and challenging world of data-driven analyses to support business planning decisions.  It enables students to

  • Master advanced skills and techniques in computing (such as Python, R, Tableau, PowerBI),
  • Apply statistical inferencing knowledge as well as operations research methods to multi-faceted data-rich business problems,
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of database management techniques in storing, manipulating, retrieving and maintaining data (by using SQL-Based platforms).

The Business Analytics concentration prepares students for careers in various business sectors including financial, advertising, marketing, retailing, e-commerce, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications. 

Finance and Economics

The Finance and Economics concentration is designed for students who would like to specialize in financial economics. Students in this concentration will be exposed to courses covering equity markets, corporate finance, valuation, environmental economics, global economic policies, and relevant internships and research subjects. Some of the courses in this concentration can prepare students for the CFA Level II examination. Students will be prepared for positions in banking, government, fintech, financial analysis, equity and fixed income research, and company research. 

Organizations, Markets, and Sustainability

The Organizations, Markets and Sustainability concentration draws upon the fundamentals of management and marketing to expose students to how individuals, groups, teams, organizations, and markets can be strategically managed locally and across the globe for long-term sustainable outcomes. Students will master skills and techniques that can help organizations create positive economic, environmental, and social value at micro- and macro-levels. There is an additional focus on sustainability of organizations by ensuring their design, structures, and practices can meet the needs of tomorrow profitably while ensuring planet and human flourishing. This approach aims to prepare students to be skillful leaders who are able to address business challenges with a commitment to the protection and promotion of environmental justice, dignity and human well-being.

Students are thus well-prepared for various positions in Strategy and CSR, Talent Management, Market Research and Analysis, Product Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Corporate functions like purchasing, and positions within Sustainability Management.