Instructional Design and Delivery - Advanced Certificate

The field of instructional design and delivery examines methodologies and approaches used to deliver information. Instructional designers use technology to enhance learning for students in settings ranging from schools to the workplace.

Why Choose Instructional Design & Delivery?

As technology becomes more and more ingrained into all aspects of life, there is a growing need for professionals in the instructional design and delivery field. From corporate trainers who teach employees how to use new software systems to instructional designers who collaborate with faculty to introduce new technologies into the classroom, educators who know how to train 21st century learners are in high demand.

Timeless Technology

Technology changes rapidly; what is new today can quickly become obsolete. This program is built with the future in mind. You will gain the skills to confidently integrate new technologies as they emerge. You will learn timeless instructional design techniques so that you can create effective learning environments anticipating that new tools will emerge.

The advanced certificate in instructional design and delivery is for educators and professionals who already hold a master’s degree. This program will allow you to:

  • Develop skills in integrating technology into any teaching environment to improve learning
  • Integrate technology into any learning environment
  • Gain competencies in the latest curriculum design techniques
  • Increase your career opportunities

Hands-On Learning

Our advanced certificate in instructional design and delivery is not your traditional theory-based program. It is a hands-on program that teaches you the latest tools and techniques to create a technology-infused learning environment. Your coursework will culminate in a capstone design project in which you will partner with an institution or business to research and solve a real-world learning scenario.

Flexible Class Schedule

This hybrid program includes engaging face-to-face classes that meet in the evening, plus robust online sessions. Additionally, one course is taught totally online to provide you with the experience of participating in and creating instructional delivery in an online format.

This program will be offered starting in fall 2017.

What Will You Learn?

This 18-credit program gives you hands-on expertise in learning design and technology.

In this program, you will:

  • Evaluate effectiveness of instructional materials and media
  • Master design models like ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation)
  • Learn techniques such as storyboarding and wireframing for relevant scenario-based curriculum development
  • Become adept in using widgets, tools and interactive media in theory and project-based assignments
  • Learn more than 100 web-based tools to engage learners

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What Will You Do?

We live in a technology-driven society that has revolutionized the way learners consume and retain information. Schools, universities and businesses are seeking educators who can infuse technology into the classroom and workplace in order to increase knowledge and productivity.