Scala Academy Room NAE Members

The 18 Manhattan College alumni who have been elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) are honored in the William J. Scala Academy Room, located in Leo Hall. Election to the NAE is one of the highest professional distinctions an engineer or scientist can receive. NAE members have distinguished themselves in business and academic management, in technical positions, as university faculty, and as leaders in government and private engineering organizations.

The College and its Schools of Engineering and Science are proud to recognize the following alumni who have been elected to the NAE for their achievements in engineering:

Lillian C. Borrone, M.S. ’77

  • Director Port Commerce Department, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
  • Elected to NAE in 1996
  • Cited for "conceptual development in multimodal transportation planning and operations"
  • See NAE profile

Ruben G. Carbonell, Ph.D. ’69

  • Frank Hawkins Kenan Distinguished Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, North Carolina State University
  • Elected to NAE in 2014
  • Cited for "research and innovation in multiphase reactor design, high-pressure thin-film coating and novel bioseparation processes"
  • See NAE profile

John P. Connolly, Ph.D. ’73, ’75M

  • Senior Technical Advisor, Anchor QEA LLC
  • Elected to NAE in 2010
  • Cited for "development of integrated water-quality models used for remediation and management planning for large, contaminated water bodies"
  • See NAE profile 

James W. Cooley, Ph.D., ’49

  • Researcher, IBM Watson Research Center 
  • Elected to NAE in 2000
  • Cited for "creation and development of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm for the time series analysis"
  • See NAE profile

Jerome J. Cuomo, Ph.D. ’58

  • Distinguished Research Professor, North Carolina State University Department of Materials Science and Engineering 
  • Elected to NAE in 1993
  • Cited for "contributions to Ion Beam and Plasma processing in thin film materials"
  • See NAE profile

Dominic M. Di Toro, Ph.D. ’63

  • Edward C. Davis Distinguished Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Delaware 
  • Elected to NAE in 2005
  • Cited for "leadership in the development and application of mathematical models for establishing water-quality criteria and making management decisions"
  • See NAE profile

Raymond J. Hodge, B.C.E ’44

  • Corporate Vice President and Director of TAMS Consultants, Inc. 
  • Elected to NAE in 1983
  • Cited for "significant contributions to the advancement of transportation systems technology, particularly the Mount Newman Project and the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport"
  • See NAE profile

Eugene R. McGrath, B.E. ’63

  • Chairman and CEO Consolidated Edison Company of New York 
  • Elected to NAE in 1991
  • Cited for "significant technical contributions to electrical power systems in the areas of power plant efficiency and safety, information systems, robotics and engineering management"
  • See NAE profile

James J. Morgan, Ph.D. ’54

  • Marvin L. Goldberger Professor of Environmental Engineering Science California Institute of Technology 
  • Elected to NAE in 1978
  • Cited for "contributions to the engineering profession through basic research and application of chemistry in water purification and pollution control"
  • See NAE profile

Donald J. O'Connor, Ph.D. ’44

  • Co-Founder, HydroQual 
  • Elected to NAE in 1978
  • Cited for "leadership in the field of mathematical modeling to gauge the effects of pollution and abatement measures"
  • See NAE profile

Charles R. O'Melia, Ph.D. ’55

  • Abel Wolman Professor of Environmental Engineering, Johns Hopkins University 
  • Elected to NAE in 1989
  • Cited for "significant contributions to the theories of coagulation, flocculation, and filtration leading to improved water-treatment practices throughout the world"
  • See NAE profile

Henry Petroski, Ph.D. ’63

  • A.S. Vesic Professor of Civil Engineering, Duke University 
  • Elected to NAE in 1997
  • Cited for "books, articles and lectures on engineering and the profession that have reached and influenced a wide range of audiences"
  • See NAE profile

Thomas E. Romesser, Ph.D. ’71

  • Vice President, Technology Development, TRW Space and Electronics Group 
  • Elected to the NAE in 2003
  • Cited for "pioneering contributions to high-power laser technology and isotope separation"
  • See NAE profile

George Tamaro, B.C.E. ’59

  • Partner, Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers 
  • Elected to NAE in 1995
  • Cited for "the design and construction of slurry walls and deep foundations worldwide"
  • See NAE profile

Robert V. Thomann, Ph.D ’56

  • Professor Emeritus of Environmental Engineering, Manhattan College
  • Elected to NAE in 1999
  • Cited for "contributions to the prediction and management of water quality in streams, estuaries, lakes and oceans"
  • See NAE profile

Charles H. Thornton, Ph.D. ’61

  • Co-Chairman Thornton Tomasetti Group, Inc.
  • Elected to the NAE in 1997
  • Cited for "the design of major structures worldwide"
  • See NAE profile

William A. Thornton, Ph.D. ’60

  • Corporate Consultant, Cives Engineering Corporation
  • Elected to NAE in 2013
  • Cited for "rational methods of designing steel connections, and for leadership in steel building design"
  • See NAE profile

Richard L. Tomasetti, M.S. ’63

  • Co-Chairman, Thornton-Tomasetti Group, Inc
  • Elected to NAE in 2004
  • Cited for "innovative structural engineering in the design of high-rise buildings and long-span structures"
  • See NAE profile