Preparation for Health Professions Schools

CGSFA works closely with the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC), a body of faculty members, to give guidance and support to students interested in careers in medicine, dentistry and allied health fields. We are available to help students investigate their career options in healthcare, and to discuss curricula, activities, internships, research, and application procedures in the health professions. We support candidates through all aspects of the application process, and we work to provide opportunities to prepare students to be competitive applicants to health professions schools.

Health Professions Advisory Committee

The Health Professions Advisory Committee is a body of faculty members who give guidance to students interested in preparing for careers in medicine, dentistry and allied fields. This committee helps students become aware of the qualifications essential for admission to professional schools. The committee advises students on the selection of programs of study that will furnish them with specialized pre-professional courses in the sciences and with a broad liberal education to prepare them for effective participation in the human community. Further information is available from the Chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee - Bruce Liby, Ph.D., Chair and Associate Professor of the Physics Department. 

Bruce Liby, Ph.D.
Hayden Hall 305A

The minimum required courses for admission to professional schools are: 

BIOL 111
  & BIOL 112
General Biology I
   and General Biology II
BIOL 113
  & BIOL 114
General Biology Laboratory I
   and General Biology Laboratory II
CHEM 101
  & CHEM 102
General Chemistry I
   and General Chemistry II
CHEM 319
  & CHEM 320
Organic Chemistry I
   and Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 323
  & CHEM 324
Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
   and Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
ENGL 110 College Writing 3
PHYS 101
  & PHYS 102
Physics I
   and Physics II
or PHYS 107
  & PHYS 108
Introductory Physics I
   and Introductory Physics II
MATH 185
  & MATH 186
Calculus I
   and Calculus II

Specific schools may require or recommend other courses. Pre-professional students are expected to maintain an average of at least a 3.0 in their science courses. Based on changes to the MCAT that will take effect in 2015, we also suggest foundation courses in Psychology, Sociology, and Biochemistry for students interested in pursuing a medical degree.