2014 Research Scholars

See what the research scholars studied this summer:


2014 Summer Fellows

Name School Research Advisor Title of Research Proposal
Joshua Clark School of Arts  Hany Guirguis Analysis of Unconventional US Monetary Policy; An Empirical Look at the Policy Debate
Tina Nitis School of Business  Poonam Arora Analyzing the influence of social identity on charitable giving in the nonprofit sector 
Shannon Garrity School of Education and Health Lisa Toscano Falling and the Effects of Compensatory Stepping
Alexandra Lehnes School of Engineering  Parisa Saboori An Experimental and a Stimulation Study of an Aortic Aneurysm in a Zebrafish Heart
Andi Wallick School of Science Chiara Indiani Study of the Factors that Regulate Mono-Ubiquitination of PCNA


2014 Jasper Summer Research Scholars

Name School Research Advisor Title of Research Proposal
Kathryn Tkach School of Arts Dominika Wrozynski Proposal in Pursuit of Personal Voice
Alison Duffey School of Arts Nuwan Jayawickreme Relationship between Acculturation and Resiliency in Hispanic Americans
Julia Giel School of Arts Mehnaz Afridi Riverdale, New York: A Case Study In Interfaith Cooperation
Gaensly Joseph School of Business Yassir Samra Islamic Finance: A Comparison between Islamic and Conventional Investment Vehicle
Richard Meany School of Business Aileen Farrelly A Proposal to Research Manhattan College's School of Business Passport Program
Nick Enright School of Business Poonam Arora Domain Differences in Intertemporal Decision-Making
Aleysha Taveras School of Education and Health Corine Fitzpatrick Improving Academic Motivation and Test Results in American History Classes
Nicole Delerme-Lugo School of Education and Health Rekha Yesudas Exotic Dishes: The Biological Dangers in Consuming Raw Seafood
Emily Ude School of Education and Health Sr. Mary Ann Jacobs Literacy and Resiliency: Tackling Math Word Problems at In-Tech Academy
Marissa Kaplan School of Engineering Elizabeth A. Lennon Modeling the Impact of Energy Related Behaviors on  Greenhouse Gas Emissions on College Campuses
Richard  Schmidt School of Engineering Mark DeBonis A New Way to Solve Multi-Polynomial Equations
Adia Bodden School of Engineering Qian Wang Performance-Based Vulnerability Analysis of Building Structures 
Andrew Baumgartner School of Science Constantine Theodosiou Lifetimes for high Rydberg states of alkali atoms in a blackbody radiation field
Paulo Markaj School of Science John Regan Conversion of toxic Chromium(IV) to Chromium(III)

Supplemental Award

Name School Research Advisor Title of Research Proposal
Juliana Weiss     School of Arts Cory Blad     The Change and Development of a New Society in Turkey: The Death of Education
Andre Oliveira School of Science Helene Tyler
Re-Analyzing the Passing Networks of Manhattan College Women’s Soccer