The School of Business has outstanding faculty with strong commitments to the educational mission of the school and the College. They bring together academic and professional business experiences and continually provide students with an enriching and nurturing learning environment. Professors often work with students outside the classroom on research and cocurricular activities. They are caring teachers and scholars who collaborate on interdisciplinary and innovative curriculum and research projects.

Our students benefit from the small class size at Manhattan College, where nearly 90% of all business courses are taught by full-time faculty. Our adjuncts enrich the classroom by sharing their current business experiences.

Full-Time Faculty

Accounting / Law/ CIS

Aileen Farrelly, MS
Yegin Genc, PHD
Ahmed Goma, PHD
Musa Jafar, PHD
Mary Lynn Michel, PHD
Patricia Sheridan, JD
Mehmet Ulema, PHD
Marc Waldman, PHD
Fengyun Wu, PHD
Jing Xu, DBA

Economics - Finance

Amira Annabi
Natalia Boliari, PHD
Charles Geisst, PHD
Hany Guirguis, PHD
Miles Cary Leahey, PHD
Fiona Maclachlan, PHD
Hyeon Park, PHD
Gwendolyn Tedeschi, PHD
Kudret Topyan, PHD
Chia-Jane Wang, PHD

Management / Marketing

Poonam Arora, PHD
Angela R Grotto, PHD
Stephen He, PHD
Michael Judiesch, PHD
Dong Hwan Lee, PHD
Amir Masoumi, PHD
Carolyn Predmore, PHD
Alicja Reuben, PHD
Janet Rovenpor, PHD
Yassir Samra, PHD
Grishma Shah, PHD
Lauren Trabold, PHD

Emeritus Faculty

John Tomer, PHD