Meet a Major


Alyssa Vigada ’14 - Accounting

Extra-curricular activities: 

  • Beta Alpha Psi (accounting honor society)
  • Passport Program
  • Beta Gamma Sigma (business honor society)
  • Honor’s Enrichment Program
  • Accounting Society
  • Lasallian Collegians

Why did you choose your major? 

I chose accounting as my major because I like the challenge. With some classes I’ve taken it is just straight memorization or common sense, but with accounting you have to actually understand it and apply what you’ve learned to certain situations. When you figure out a problem or find an error in a company's books it gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction that you’ve done something correctly. I really like that feeling.

What has been your favorite class? 

Intermediate Accounting I (ACCT 301) with Dr. Goma. This was the first class after the introductory courses to accounting so my decision in choosing this major was put to the test. Not only was it challenging, but Dr. Goma made it interesting and fun to learn about numbers at 9 in the morning!

Have you done any internships?

Last summer I had an internship with QBE in their accounting department. For two months, I helped a small team prepare audit binders for past quarters, as well as manage bank reconciliations for each sub-company. My favorite part was working with my manager in finding/resolving differences between trial balances and the general ledger. 

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I plan on staying for my fifth year and working towards my MBA. I also plan on sitting for the CPA exam and hopefully passing each part the first time! My goal is to work for one of the Big Four companies; however, working for a mid-size firm in the audit department would be just as amazing.

Have any professors particularly influenced you?

Every accounting teacher I’ve had has influenced me, however Professor Farrelly has had a major impact on my academic experience thus far. Not only is she one of my accounting professors, she is also my career adviser, and has helped me get each internship I’ve received. Professor Farrelly truly cares about each of her students and goes to great lengths to make sure each one is prepared for the future. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me!

What’s your favorite thing about this major?

The people I’ve met and the events I’ve had the opportunity to go to. Not all majors have the chance to meet major influential people in their fields, but I have met high-ranking professionals from the Big Four accounting firms, and also major banks. There are always networking events too, which makes it easy and fun to meet people as well as sharpen your networking skills.

What’s the most difficult thing about this major?

Accounting is a lot of memorization, but it is also conceptual as well. It takes a lot of time to sit and decipher the textbooks to make sure you understand everything so you can apply it to problems. Accounting definitely isn’t an easy major, but it is 100 percent reliable in the end. Accountants are always needed.

What advice would you give to new students trying to select a major?

Take your time! Don't think you have to know what you want to do with your life when you come into school as a freshman. I thought I wanted to do marketing with a minor in Spanish. Next thing I know in a year I’m an Accounting major, minoring in CIS. It’s okay not to have your future planned out. Take each prerequisite as a chance to try every subject and get a feel for them before you make that decision. And if you change majors it’s okay too. College is all about the unknown. The fun part is figuring it out as you go.