Urban Studies

Program Overview

Cities are places where human life is at its most intense - everything seems to be faster, louder, and more frenetic. They are where economies grow, where political movements emerge, and where cultural treasures are preserved. Cities are also where inequalities are most apparent. It seems safe to say that in cities you find the best and the worse that human societies have to offer. And, in the 21st century, cities around the world will only continue to grow.

Whether you are interested in business, history, engineering, sociology, political science, environmental sustainability, art, or education, it all happens in a city. Come learn how cities work. The Urban Studies Program at Manhattan College offers the perfect major, double major, or minor for your time in New York City! 

Urban studies majors obtain jobs in private industry, such as banks, corporations or planning firms, or with nonprofit agencies and foundations such as organizations that create affordable housing, or in state, local and national government agencies. Many urban studies majors enter careers that require a better understanding of the distinctive challenges of working in urban education, health care and law. Others attend law school, professional schools of social work, or graduate school in economics, political science, sociology and urban studies.

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