Program Overview

Sociology, the scientific study of human social behavior, examines the processes and patterns of social interaction; forms of social organization; and the influences of social groups, institutions, and social structure upon human behavior.

The goals of the Sociology program are to develop the sociological imagination, including a familiarity with sociological concepts, theories, methods, and research findings; to foster knowledge of, and respect for, diverse social systems and cultures; and to promote global awareness, community service, and social justice.

All sociology majors are eligible to select an optional concentration from the following:

  • Crime, Law, and Social Justice
    Recommended for students with specific career interests in criminal justice, law, community activism, and human rights advocacy.
  • Social Services
    Recommended for students who are interested in social-service related careers.
  • Immigration and Global Sociology
    Recommended for students seeking to pursue a career in immigration policy and advocacy, local immigrant support services, or international cooperation and development agencies.

In addition to these optional, career-focused concentrations within the sociology major, the program also offers the opportunity for students majoring in other fields to pursue a minor in sociology and/or cultural anthropology.