Theater Course Videos 

Modern Dance

Guest artist Lori Belilove, Artistic Director of the Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation, leads a master class based on Duncan technique that is inspired by natural forces and Grecian ideas of freedom, knowledge, and balance. Modern Dance Thought and Motion focuses on early modern dance and physical application of its movement techniques. Students apply critical and creative thinking skills, learn warm up routines centered on fluid ways of moving, exercise rhythm and coordination, and collaborate in making group dances.


Acting Skills and Techniques Part I

In the Walking Exercise actors explore "motivated blocking". What or who are you moving towards or away from and why? For more information about Professor Miller, please see his website:


Acting Skills and Techniques Part II

In the Staging Exercise we explore how the physical objects on stage help an actor live truthfully in imaginary circumstances (by making their bedroom or kitchen or any other space as realistic as possible) and help the audience understand the story being told on stage.


Acting Skills and Techniques Part III

In the Bean Bags Exercise, actors are challenged to work as an ensemble—a collaborative, creative group—that listens and responds to everyone in the room. The bean bags become a literal version of the "give and take" that happens between actors on stage. In a play a character "tosses" a line to another character and that character does the same thing right back.