Digital Media Art Course Videos

Digital Video

The course focuses on creating works of video art while examining and reflecting upon filmic history. There is extensive instruction in Final Cut Studio Pro and DVD Studio Pro, giving students the skills to begin making video in the first two weeks. Students create conceptual, engaging work that is critiqued at length. While examining video art's historical roots and contemporary video artists, students develop their video projects that build upon ideas and techniques realized from the first video assignment.


Intro to Graphic Design

Introduction to Graphic Design is a course taught in the Visual & Performing Arts department. The course introduces the process of making graphic designs from the initial choice of a topic through the working stages and the finished presentation. The course provides instruction in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator programs. Some minor visual arts knowledge is highly recommended. This is an excerpt of a critique discussing the work of Sarah Conte. Students were asked in this assignment to redesign existing book covers utilizing the elements and principles of design and the tools of Adobe Photoshop CS5.5.


Digital Photography

In this excerpt from the course The Art of Digital Photography, we explore the student's current assignment, "Re-presenting Painting: Appropriating Art History". For this assignment students students are expected to choose paintings from the art historical canon and then recreate them through photography, with particular reference to the social and cultural contexts of the present. It's about looking at a historical work of art through the lens of today's world, trying to make a new version of the painting utilizing photography, a version that resembles the original, but also comments on it, expands its content, or challenges its value.