Communication skills are relevant to many different professions. Some careers of interest to communication majors include:

  • Advertising executive
  • Public relations executive
  • Journalist
  • Copywriter
  • Commentator
  • Editor
  • Market research analyst
  • Media specialist
  • Online content developer
  • Television producer
  • Publisher
  • Reporter
  • Television news anchor
  • Speech writer
  • Technical writer
  • Television director
  • Video production specialist


Internships are the real-world testing ground for the communication major. If you have learned the theory and practice in our classrooms, our computer labs and our studios, you are ready to find out if you have what is needed in the everyday world of television, radio, advertising, public relations, newspapers, magazines, book publishing, the Web, in-house corporate communication, or whatever path you choose to take.

Here in New York City, one of the entertainment and media capitals of the world, and certainly the news and information capital of the United States, internships are available in every imaginable field of communication. Students are encouraged to take advantage of our New York City location and complete an internship.