Grace Cabrera

Distinguished Lasallian Staff Member 2007-08

Grace Cabrera came to Manhattan College in 1988 as a part-time secretary in the school of engineering. A month later, she began working full-time in the dean of engineering’s office. In September 1991, Grace transferred to the school of arts where she worked for the fourth floor faculty. In 1993, Grace assumed the position of secretary in the school of education. Currently, she holds the position of office manager there. Having worked in four of the five schools of Manhattan College, one can say that Grace knows Manhattan inside and out and is a true Jasper.
One of the definitions for the word Grace is “a disposition to be generous or helpful: good will.” This certainly holds true. Not once, not twice but three times, Grace has willingly stepped in to fill the position of academic advisor. Grace’s expertise in state certification is a gift to all of the education students. Her dedication to the students and the College needs little explanation. Walk past her office on any given day to see her dedication in motion.
Grace serves on several committees including the Manhattan College Senate, Staff Council, De La Salle/Founder’s Week and the Strategic Planning Committee.
Along with her dedication to the students, the school of education and Manhattan College, we know of the deep love and devotion she bestows on her children and family.
A friend and colleague describes Grace as having “a heart full of character, charity and compassion. A mind built for efficiency but inclined to service. A hand willing to do hard work but one that lends comfort to so many. And most of all, a belly full of laughter.”
The Lasallian Committee agrees that these characteristics and her nineteen years of faithful service to the students and faculty of Manhattan College are what make Grace the perfect choice for the Lasallian Staff Member Award for the year 2007.