The Plan for Phase I

Building a Distinguished Lasallian Catholic College, 2011-2015

Manhattan College will be distinguished especially for its integration of learning and living, its innovative combination of liberal learning and professional preparation, its success in helping its students to develop as persons of moral purpose and integrity, and its engagement with New York City.  At the heart of this experience will be an atmosphere of personal care for each member of the College community and an expectation of high achievement in fulfillment of each individual’s unique vocation. 

As the overarching goal is one of integration with the primary stress on the quality of the student’s educational experience, the College will pursue this goal through an integrated effort among all of its divisions.  The plans of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and the Office of Mission are at the center, with Advancement, Enrollment Management, Facilities, Finance, and Human Resources providing the support necessary to achieve the goal.

The Core Goals

[Primary Responsibility: Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Office of Mission]

  • We will create an environment for learning that transcends traditional disciplinary, programmatic, cultural, and physical boundaries.
  • We will create the programmatic and physical infrastructure necessary to promote excellence in the integration of learning and living.
  • We will ensure that our core identity as Catholic and Lasallian is vital and visible throughout the College.

The Supporting Goals

  • We will recruit and retain an excellent and diverse student body of a size and composition that is conducive to the Core Goals of the plan.
  • We will recruit, retain, and develop excellent and diverse faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees.
  •  We will improve and maintain facilities and technical infrastructure to ensure they are competitive and conducive to the Core Goals.
  • We will raise the visibility and reputation of Manhattan College as a school of choice, an intellectual center, and a leading Catholic and Lasallian College.
  • We will secure and manage the financial resources necessary to achieve the Core Goals.